The school follows I.C.S.E. syllabi in the high school and higher secondary. In lower classes it follows prescribed texts selected by the school considering the local needs and the need to inspire the students to high standard. A Curriculum Committee functions in the school and the Subject Councils evaluates the teaching and learning process every two months and make recommendations to the Principal. The syllabus is set in each class considering the mental age of students, local needs, future competitive examinations and personality assessment tests done in the school. Child friendly atmosphere pervades in the process. Examinations and personality assessments are done periodically to evaluate the students’ progress and academic achievement.


To make the learning process easy and child friendly, a research committee is co-ordinating the functioning of the KE Carmel Group of Schools. We also take the assistance of national and international agencies as and when required. Many of our students are members of Abacus & Brain Gym. We also have ties with Euro Kids International Ltd. in our Kindergarten.